Best of Budapest


Discover the hidden treasures of Budapest and live like a local citizen for a few days. Here are some insider tips for getting to know the city’s less-known programs and attractions to make your stay a real experience.

Our front desk team would be happy to assist you with the arrangements of all the programs, sightseeing tours and bath tickets, etc. mentioned below. You may contact them already prior to your arrival on the phone: +36 1 218 6566 or by email: or anytime during your visit.

Concert in the Palace of Arts

The PALACE OF ARTS( MÜPA) is one of the best-known and most modern cultural institutions in Hungary, which brings together different branches of art in a unique way: it provides space for classical, contemporary, light, jazz and world music, opera, new circus, dance, literature and film.

It is worth noting the organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, which is considered one of the largest concert hall organs in the world.

Attend a concert, the building itself and the milieu are a wonderful experience!

Sunrise from Gellért Mountain

If you want to see the special face of Budapest, get up early! Early in the morning, the city is incredibly peaceful and has a completely different atmosphere in the morning lights. If you are looking for something truly memorable, look down over the city at sunrise from Gellért Hill. The spectacle of Budapest floating in the morning lights speaks for itself.

Having a beer at Élesztő Pub

There is no night in Budapest without the cozy restaurants, bistros and ruin pubs. For those who like craft beer specialties, we recommend a place called Élesztő near our hotel, where you can finish the day with lots of fine beers and a great atmosphere.  

From jacuzzi to the city

Did you know that at the top of Rudas Bath you can enjoy the pleasant, refreshing experiences of the jacuzzi while overlooking the whole city? This jacuzzi has guaranteed one of the most beautiful panorama. The Rudas Bath, built 450 years ago, is an exciting place itself, its Turkish bath and wellness department are also worth a visit. 

Secrets of the 230 year old Unicum

Get acquainted with the history of Zwack Unicum through an interactive exhibition and tasting. Arriving at Unicum House, we can first watch a special film about the unique story in the family’s interpretation, and then learn about the history of Unicum through contemporary bottles, documents, family photographs and relics. The tools and production process of making herbal liqueur are also presented in the old distillery building, and it is also possible to taste it directly from the barrel.

Holocaust memorial center

Visit the Holocaust Memorial Center on Páva Street, where you will find interactive permanent and special temporary exhibitions, experience-oriented museum pedagogical programs and cultural events in a special and unique architectural environment. In addition to Hungarian, there are guided tours in four other languages. The memorial site in Budapest is a scene and worthy visualization of collective mourning and sympathy for the victims of Holocaust.